Convert or resize folders of images


  • Easy to use
  • Fast


  • Very basic


Are you looking for a quick, easy way to convert or resize batches of images? ImageConverter is a neat little application that gets that job done quickly, without any additional fuss.

ImageConverter is a tiny app, and doesn't require installation so can be run from a USB stick if you want. The simple interface allows you to choose the location of your image folder, and the destination. Then simply pick the output format you want from PNG, BMP JPEG, GIF or TIFF, and choose the size you want. Images can be resized by percentage, or to a specific pixel size. Hit process, and the job will be quickly completed.

What you can't do with ImageConverter is pick images from within a folder - it will convert all image files in your input folder. While it's nice that it doesn't require installation, it also doesn't save your settings, so every time you open it you need to specify again your input and output folders. These aren't huge problems, and the fact that it does do conversions so well and so quickly, and in such a lightweight program, is impressive.

ImageConverter is a simple, no-frills application which does exactly what it says and nothing more.




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